Taking probiotic supplements and nutritionals from idea to successful product launch is a challenging process. We have designed our service package to make it as easy for you as possible – and we’ll help you use our knowledge, brands and innovative approach to your best advantage.

Our technical advisors are located around the globe and ready to give a prompt, knowledgeable reply to your probiotic inquiries.


Formulation Support

Let our renown probiotic experts help you create superior customized formulations. Whether you need to bounce an idea off us or you require more involved technical support, our probiotic experts are here to help. We listen to your needs and work with you to identify the best probiotic solution for your intended purpose. We’ll apply decades of experience and guide you in the proper selection of the most appropriate strains, excipients, processing aids, flavors and even prebiotic options to meet your needs.

Application Support

Probiotics are used in a growing number of applications. We can advise you on which format to choose (i.e. capsules, sachets, chewables, gummies and more) and the requirements for ensuring optimum probiotic efficacy and survival during shelf life. We will keep you on the cutting edge with insight into the latest probiotic application and finished format innovations. We also are in the unique position to help support probiotic fortified food and beverage products as well.

Custom Manufacturing

We are #1 in global manufacturing and quality assurance capabilities. If you are looking for someone to produce your proprietary probiotic strain, look no further. We offer efficient and confidential custom manufacturing services, giving you access to advanced production facilities, an experienced development team and leading process and stabilization technologies.

Enumeration Assistance

Whether you specify billions of colony forming units or hundreds of billions, accuracy is of the utmost importance. We ensure our enumeration procedure is best suited to your product needs to guarantee accurate enumeration.

Regulatory Support

Our probiotic cultures are internationally recognized as safe for consumption. But, when it comes to dosage levels and potential health claims, legislation can vary by country. Our regulatory team can help advise you on what individual markets permit. Our global regulatory experts are located in all major regions and provide you with access to a critical resource our competitors just can’t match.


Product Information

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