DuPont™ Danisco® tailored blends with advanced ingredients, including hydrocolloids and emulsifiers.

Enhances your process robustness and product quality in terms of texture, appearance and shelf life. It will help you reach your nutrition targets like low fat, low sugar, high fiber and minerals enrichment with no compromise on stability and texture.

Key benefits

  • Reduced number of individual ingredients
  • Easier processing
  • Improved performance and product quality
  • Supply chain excellence
  • Global production
Product Benefit Application
RECODAN™ Stabilization of emulsion
Prevention of fat separation
Prevents sedimentation
Controlled mouth feel and viscosity

Application areas


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CREMODAN® is a range of tailored blends based on high quality, advanced ingredients, including hydrocolloids and emulsifiers commonly used in desserts and dairy beverages


In a world where consumers have unprecedented choice in the prepared foods they eat and fierce competition races to offer them what they want, DuPont Nutrition & Health is here to help you succeed with an unrivaled portfolio of ingredients and a globally-strong but locally-present team of experts.


GRINDSTED® is a range of tailored blends based on high quality, advanced ingredients, including hydrocolloids, emulsifiers and enzymes used in a variety of applications.

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