Science Expertise

Ongoing research and development is the lifeblood of our work. DuPont operates multiple research and application laboratories around the globe.


  • Clinical studies

Health claims are just words without sound scientific evidence to back them up.

  • Stability

At DuPont, we begin the stabilization process by employing rigorous strain selection criteria to uncover probiotics with natural inherent stability.

  • Applications

Our patented stabilization technology keeps our probiotics in top condition without the need of refrigeration.

  • Capabilities

A pioneering spirit has brought us a long way in the field of probiotic R&D. Our broad capabilities clearly reflect that.

R&D expertise

Leading the field in innovation and R&D.

Ongoing research and development is the lifeblood of our work. DuPont operates multiple research and application laboratories around the globe. And we are the only culture supplier with a dedicated Health and Nutrition Center. This dedication to science has also made us what we are today — the world’s leading supplier of probiotics.

  • Stability — ensuring probiotic viability throughout the shelf life of supplements and nutritionals.
  • Efficacy — developing condition-specific documentation and formulations over an expanding range of conditions.
  • Application — expanding the range of delivery vehicles for probiotic-supplemented products
  • Genetic integrity — leading genomics science to certify strain identity.

Finished formats for probiotics

At DuPont, we not only tailor probiotic formulations to your specific requirements, we can also provide the most appropriate delivery vehicle for your target audience and market.

Below is an overview of the formats we supply:

Dietary supplement ingredient range

Read more about the DuPont Nutrition & Biosciences dietary supplement ingredient range.




Our vegetable-based, gelatin-free capsules provide optimum stability and are the preferred format for 80% of probiotic supplements globally. We can provide probiotic capsules in bulk, bottles and the highest quality blister packs.





Flavored chewable probiotic tablets are a fun choice for kids and ideal for those who have difficulty swallowing pills. We also offer multivitamin-probiotic combination tablets that roll all daily dietary supplement needs into one.





Tear open a sachet and sprinkle a daily probiotic dose on a food or into your favorite cold beverage. Our convenient, high barrier foil sachets contain probiotics with or without flavor additives.





The handy foil stick is growing in popularity for both sprinkle and direct ingestion applications. Let Danisco supply you with this convenient probiotic vehicle with an optimized and tasty formulation inside.


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