A global player with broad expertise. A pioneering spirit has brought us a long way in the field of probiotic R&D. Our broad capabilities clearly reflect that.

Thanks to the global nature of our company, we have established hotspots of expertise at multiple locations in North America, Europe and Asia. This includes our dedicated Health & Nutrition center in Finland, among the most advanced probiotic testing facilities in the world. This center of excellence houses our patented colon simulator – a key tool for investigating potential probiotic strain viability through, and beneficial action in, the gastrointestinal tract.

Within the probiotic industry, our proficiency in functional genomics is second to none, enabling us to understand which specific attributes of a probiotic cell are behind its health-enhancing functionality. We use this valuable knowledge when screening for probiotic bacteria that can give a specific health effect and to understand our strains’ uniqueness down to their most intricate building blocks.

Altogether, our strong technical competencies cover:

  • Microbiology
  • Strain selection & screening
  • Molecular biology and genomics
  • Lactic bacteria production
  • Health efficacy
  • Formulation optimization

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