Plant-Based Ingredients for Dietary Supplements

Performance and quality, always delivered.


At DuPont Nutrition & Biosciences, we understand dietary supplements. Backed by decades of expertise and a vast portfolio of solutions, we collaborate with supplement manufacturers and brand owners to turn natural sources into shelf-ready products in a variety of application forms. Whether you’re searching for “clean-label” and great tasting gummies, plant-based supplements, or consumer-friendly capsules, we’re here to help every step of the way.

  • Products We Offer  

From binders to disintegrants and film formers to thickeners, we offer a broad range of ingredients designed to tackle any dietary supplement manufacturing challenge.

  • Solutions We Deliver

Looking to create a vegan supplement providing excellent sensory experience and efficacy, mask the taste of a tablet, improve your manufacturing process, control release of an active ingredient or improve mouthfeel of a gummy or a chewable tablet? Whatever formulation you’re developing, let us find a cost-efficient solution that’s right for you. 

  • Delivery Formats  

With our formulation expertise, we can help you to turn natural sources into unique products in a range of applications: hard capsules or soft capsules, gummies, oral disintegrating tablets, chewables, liquids, powders, dissolving strips and more. 

  • Our Expertise  

With a resourceful global technical team, plus state-of-the-art application development and R&D centers around the globe, we help customers create advanced formulations that adhere to international regulatory and quality standards in an ever-evolving industry. 


Our Brand Promise  

As a leading supplier of food additives, pharmaceutical excipients and active ingredients, DuPont offers unmatched capabilities and a unique perspective on how to innovate safe and sustainable ingredients for nutraceutical products. As a valued partner in the industry, we work with our customers to:

  • Collaborate through every aspect of the process – from meeting Good Manufacturing Practices and regulatory standards to developing high-quality, cost-effective solutions that address even the most difficult formulation challenges.
  • Derive natural, plant-based gelatin alternatives – seaweed and pectin – to deliver enhanced performance and productivity, while guaranteeing safety and sustainability.
  • Lend our technical service expertise to innovate together, creating superior solutions that generate a positive customer experience.
  • Counsel customers through the nuances of delivery to ensure every natural remedy is matched with its optimal application form.
  • Leverage our decades of technical know-how to develop and launch highly functional products that cater to consumer sustainability, lifestyle and dietary preferences.
  • Consistently meet customer needs through our superior supply chain and raw ingredient sourcing, delivering ingredients in a timely and efficient manner, regardless of location.
  • Form a solid partnership which evolves alongside the ever-changing industry to meet and exceed consumers’ needs and expectations.
  • Delivering expertise of a strong global regulatory and legal team that, helps keep your brands agile in an environment that demands prompt and proven solutions.
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