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Plant-based supplements, always convenient and delicious for a fast-growing consumer base


Fast growing health-conscious consumer base who seeks healthy, plant-based gummies

Consumers striving for well-being seek gummy vitamins as a delicious option for adding nutrients to their daily diet. They are opting for yummy gummies to reduce pill fatigue and to support their active, on-the-go lifestyles. Today, gummies aren’t just for kids. In fact, adults are responsible for a surge in popularity of this dosage form, accounting for 80% of the market in recent years.

Plant-based gummies allow label claims addressing the needs of a fast-growing growing number of vegans and vegetarians but also those who are flexitarians or simply want to reduce their consumption of animal-derived products due to ethical concerns related to the use of animal-derived ingredients.  Consumers commonly perceive plant-based supplements as being safer and healthier than animal-based alternatives.

Plant-based gummies deliver many benefits

Plant-based gummies provide an excellent sensory experience to consumers. Pectin, for example, allows firm gummies with a rapid flavor release second to none. Pectin enjoys superior consumer perception and enables gummies that show little chewiness or elasticity, and soft, tender mouthfeel. Another example are seaweed extracts like carrageenan that yield in gummies with a firm texture and clean bite and that feature rapid set time, a flexible pH range to work with and.

Pectin and seaweed extracts are very effective in gummies and can be used at very low concentrations of below 3% allowing more room for other ingredients.

Plant-based gummies allow a broad range of label claim options addressing consumers’ evolving preferences such as vegan, vegetarian, non-GMO, use in supplements with organic labeling. Hydrocolloids like pectin and carrageenan allow gummies that show excellent temperature stability, ensuring gummies won’t melt together, stick to the inside of the bottle or arrive as a big clump at the consumer.

Plant-based gummy solutions from IFF

Consumers who may have grown up eating gelatin-based gummy bears, fruit snacks and marshmallows, are looking for this familiar mouthfeel, taste and texture in their supplements. Switching from gelatin to animal-free alternatives can be intimidating since that well-known texture and taste is harder to achieve with pectin and carrageenan.

But with the right ingredients and a little help from an expert in hydrocolloids, processing and sensory experience, those challenges can be addressed. Our team of experts will guide you through every step of the process to ensure your gummy supplements deliver a positive consumer experience with every taste. We help you identifying the best ingredients to create supplements with a superior sensory experience, processing and delivery.

Connect with our team of experts to learn how to successfully develop and produce tasty plant-based gummies, reduce their sugar content to develop a healthy gummy supplement. Contact us for sample formulations now.

Are you not ready to go full plant-based?

Sometimes, blends of different hydrocolloids are used to tailor the texture of the gummy or to improve its thermal stability. For instance, the addition of a small portion of pectin can yield in gummies with a shorter and firmer texture than gelatin alone. It also helps to increases the melting point of gelatin.


Product Recommendations:

Both GRINDSTED® Pectin Premium and Gelcarin® provide a range of label claim options such as kosher, halal, clean-label, non-GMO and they may be used in supplements with organic labeling. Contact us to discuss which label options apply for your specific case.

Our Solution


GRINDSTED® Pectin Premium Grades

Used at low concentrations of 1 – 2 % these premium pectins allow healthy gummies with a clean bite, excellent flavor release and feature excellent temperature stability. Low sugar or no sugar gummies can be formulated by choosing the right grade and process.

Setting time and texture can be tailored to the process needs and consumer preferences.


Seaweed extracts used in plant-based gummies to provide a firm texture and clean bite. Gelcarin® allows flexible pH range to work in and rapid set time. Its thermo-reversible gelation behavior allows reworking the gummy mass by re-introducing heat.

*Examples only and not representative of a complete list of products. Regional regulations may restrict the use of certain products in dietary supplements. Please contact us for further information.



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With our broad portfolio and technical expertise, we can help you deliver plant-based, sugar-free, delicious gummies that provide an excellent sensory experience. Watch this video to learn more.

Products We Offer:


Formulate exceptional plant-based supplements, sourced from citrus

Water-soluble, plant-based ingredient with diverse functionality
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Versatile plant-based alternative to gelatin

A delayed release coating solution for nutraceuticals

Versatile functional ingredient for dietary supplements

Superior dietary supplement disintegrants

Consumer-friendly tablet binders

Ingredients extracted straight from nature

Solutions We Deliver:


Enable on-the-go, ‘clean label’ supplements that match consumer’s fast-paced lifestyle and increases adherence

High-quality ingredients, released with absolute accuracy for immediate, sustained & delayed release results

Transform natural functional ingredients into great tasting alternative dosage forms like gummies, ODTS, soft chews and chewables

Innovative solutions for delivering greater throughput and yields with improved capsule-processing speed, decreased dosage size and increased efficiency

Clean and sustainable ingredients sourced right from nature to formulate gummies, tablets, soft and hard capsules

Deliver exceptional flavor, texture, chewability and swallowability with high-quality solutions for various delivery formats

Pack in flavor and function, without unnecessary amounts of sugar or preservatives to mask bitter tasting ingredients

Other Delivery Forms:


Naturally derived supplement ingredients for heat-stable, taste masked and easy-to-swallow softgels

Reduce pill fatigue with convenient oral dosage forms that eliminate swallowing difficulties while leaving a creamy mouthfeel and pleasant taste

‘Clean label’ and non-GMO ready-to-use technology for melt-in-your-mouth alternatives to gummy supplements

Convenient, easy-to-swallow solid oral dosage form for a taste masked, immediate release and cost-efficient solution

Plant-based and sustainably sourced ingredients to create pills that support vegan, vegetarian, kosher and halal lifestyles

Efficient, versatile and shelf-stable solutions for the world’s most popular oral dosage form
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