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Helping you master one of the world’s most popular oral dosage forms  


Tablets account for nearly 35% of the global solid oral dosage form market, making them one of the most common nutrient delivery formats available.  And it’s easy to see why: today’s consumers are looking for natural supplements that are efficient, easy-to-swallow and deliver results. For manufacturers seeking to meet these preferences, tablets are the ideal format since they’re cost-effective, versatile and shelf-stable.

But for all their commonality and flexibility, tablets still pose a challenge for dietary supplement manufacturers during production, especially during direct compression. Formulators must make sure that a compression mix flows to ensure a consistent tablet weight and that raw materials can be compressed and compacted into robust tablets – among other competing issues. The difficulty of processing natural vitamins and botanicals only compounds these problems, making formulation innovation to combat poor taste and increase flowability even more important.

Our team of global experts will work with you to determine how to effectively deliver nutritional ingredients—through immediate, sustained or delayed release—and pair them with plant-based formulation technologies and solutions to increase flowability, enhance consistency, improve quality and ditch unnecessary fillers. While simultaneously condensing the size of supplement tablets, coatings from our broad product portfolio can be utilized to mask the unpleasant bitter or sour tastes of natural ingredients.

Backed by decades of experience in the pharmaceutical space, our team understands the nuances of formulating dietary supplement tablets and is ready to help you every step of the way. Whether you’re looking to increase particle flow during direct compression or reduce your tablet size for easier swallowability, you can count on us. Consider DuPont your partner in creating high-quality, great-tasting tablets that exceed consumer expectations every time.


Product Recommendations:

Our Solution


Ac-Di-Sol® SDW-802

Premium, non-GMO superdisintegrant that provides faster disintegration and dissolution at low use levels


A superdisintegrant for achieving effective fast disintegration at low use levels in dietary supplements

Aquacoat® ECD

Aqueous dispersion of ethylcellulose that is used for sustained release coating for taste masking applications

Aquateric® N100

Sustainable and plant-based coating solution that improve nutritional ingredient delivery and meets dietary supplement enteric disintegration requirements

Avicel® / Endurance® MCC

Microcrystalline cellulose binders that enable easier processing and improved physical properties of tablets.

Avicel® CE-15

Improves sensory attributes by reducing grittiness, tooth packing and friability to create a creamier mouthfeel

Avicel® SMCC 

Tailored microcrystalline cellulose binders for easier processing for powders, and better flow and superior compactibility for tablets.


Water-soluble polymers used as a granulation binder for improved tablet integrity and appearance


Naturally occurring hydrophilic polysaccharides extracted from red seaweed used to create rigid gel to thicken and stabilize formulations


Plant-based, water-soluble polymers derived from cellulose used for:

  • Tablet coatings for improved swallowability, product differentiation and superior taste masking
  • Controlled release of nutritional ingredients to reduce the number of tablets consumed throughout the day and enhance the efficacy of nutraceutical ingredients

*Examples only and not representative of a complete list of products. Please note that regional differences in applicable laws and regulations may restrict the use of certain products in dietary supplements or different terminology definitions may apply. Please contact us for further information.



Purushottam R. Patil *, Vaibhav D. Bobade, Pankaj L. Sawant and Rajendra P. Marathe, Emerging Trends in compression coated tablet dosage forms a review.

Products We Offer:


Formulate exceptional plant-based supplements, sourced from citrus

Water-soluble, plant-based ingredient with diverse functionality
iStock-690028504 Lightened.jpg.png

Versatile plant-based alternative to gelatin

A delayed release coating solution for nutraceuticals

Versatile functional ingredient for dietary supplements

Superior dietary supplement disintegrants

Consumer-friendly tablet binders

Ingredients extracted straight from nature

Solutions We Deliver:


Enable on-the-go, ‘clean label’ supplements that match consumer’s fast-paced lifestyle and increases adherence

High-quality ingredients, released with absolute accuracy for immediate, sustained & delayed release results

Transform natural functional ingredients into great tasting alternative dosage forms like gummies, ODTS, soft chews and chewables

Innovative solutions for delivering greater throughput and yields with improved capsule-processing speed, decreased dosage size and increased efficiency

Clean and sustainable ingredients sourced right from nature to formulate gummies, tablets, soft and hard capsules

Deliver exceptional flavor, texture, chewability and swallowability with high-quality solutions for various delivery formats

Pack in flavor and function, without unnecessary amounts of sugar or preservatives to mask bitter tasting ingredients

Other Delivery Forms:


Naturally derived supplement ingredients for heat-stable, taste masked and easy-to-swallow softgels

Reduce pill fatigue with convenient oral dosage forms that eliminate swallowing difficulties while leaving a creamy mouthfeel and pleasant taste

Delicious chewable, vegan supplements that support healthy, on-the-go lifestyles without loads of sugar

‘Clean label’ and non-GMO ready-to-use technology for melt-in-your-mouth alternatives to gummy supplements

Convenient, easy-to-swallow solid oral dosage form for a taste masked, immediate release and cost-efficient solution

Plant-based and sustainably sourced ingredients to create pills that support vegan, vegetarian, kosher and halal lifestyles
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