Icon for plant-based ingredients for dietary supplement solutions.

Solutions We Deliver

If you are looking to create a vegan supplement that offers excellent sensory experience, masks bitter tastes and improves your manufacturing processes, we are here to help. Whatever dosage form you’re formulating for, we have a cost-efficient solution that’s right for you.


  • Convenience for Consumers

Enable on-the-go, ‘clean label’ supplements that match consumer’s fast-paced lifestyle and increases adherence

  • Control Speed of Action

High-quality ingredients, released with absolute accuracy for immediate, sustained & delayed release results

  • Improved Mouthfeel

Transform natural functional ingredients into great tasting alternative dosage forms like gummies, ODTS, soft chews and chewables

  • Improved Processing

Innovative solutions for delivering greater throughput and yields with improved capsule-processing speed, decreased dosage size and increased efficiency

  • Plant-Based Solutions

Clean and sustainable ingredients sourced right from nature to formulate gummies, tablets, soft and hard capsules

  • Improved Sensory Experience

Deliver exceptional flavor, texture, chewability and swallowability with high-quality solutions for various delivery formats

  • Taste-Masking

Pack in flavor and function, without unnecessary amounts of sugar or preservatives to mask bitter tasting ingredients
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