Gummy vitamins in palm of hand offer an improved mouthfeel.

Improved Mouthfeel

Ensuring end user compliance from the first dose


The supplement industry is seeing increased demand for innovative formats that eliminate the traditional tablet experience while providing a positive mouthfeel with every dose. Formats like gummies, orally disintegrating tablets and chewable tablets are becoming increasingly popular for their on-the-go appeal, with adults accounting for 80% of the gummy market alone.

To meet this increasing demand and ensure that consumers’ evolving needs for mouthfeel, taste and convenience are addressed, manufacturers and brand owners are seeking ways to turn ingredients found in nature into convenient supplement products. Unfortunately, some nutritional ingredients bring unpleasant textures, making them difficult to incorporate into smooth formulations.

Many supplement manufacturers turn to the common industry practice of adding sugar to overcompensate for unpleasant texture, or simply steer away from certain ingredients that are hard to compact. We approach it differently, working alongside our customers to individually formulate each product to create reduced sugar options and provide easily compactible tablets without jeopardizing texture and mouthfeel.

Our team of global experts is committed to creating a positive consumer experience every time. Whether that means creating a plant-based gummy, formulating less gritty tablets or developing tasty chewables, we are here to help. With our broad portfolio of solutions, we are your flexible dietary supplement partner, improving the mouthfeel of your products no matter your delivery form.


Product Recommendations*

Our Solution





Plant-based alternatives to gelatin for formulating gummy vegan supplements

Ac-Di-Sol® and Accelerate® 


Non-GMO option for achieving effective fast disintegration at low use levels


Chewable tablets 

Create smoother, creamier mouthfeel without jeopardizing tablet compaction


Tablet Coating

Water-soluble polymers derived from cellulose used for tablet coatings for improved swallowability and product differentiation 


Soft capsules

Clean-label, vegan and non-GMO alternative to gelatin, used to reduce cross-linking and eliminate melting

*Examples only and not representative of a complete list of products. Regional regulations may restrict the use of certain products in dietary supplements. Please contact us for further information.



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Additional Solutions:


Enable on-the-go, ‘clean label’ supplements that match consumer’s fast-paced lifestyle and increases adherence

High-quality ingredients, released with absolute accuracy for immediate, sustained & delayed release results

Innovative solutions for delivering greater throughput and yields with improved capsule-processing speed, decreased dosage size and increased efficiency

Clean and sustainable ingredients sourced right from nature to formulate gummies, tablets, soft and hard capsules

Deliver exceptional flavor, texture, chewability and swallowability with high-quality solutions for various delivery formats

Pack in flavor and function, without unnecessary amounts of sugar or preservatives to mask bitter tasting ingredients

Products We Offer:


Formulate exceptional plant-based supplements, sourced from citrus

Water-soluble, plant-based ingredient with diverse functionality
iStock-690028504 Lightened.jpg.png

Versatile plant-based alternative to gelatin

A delayed release coating solution for nutraceuticals

Versatile functional ingredient for dietary supplements

Superior dietary supplement disintegrants

Consumer-friendly tablet binders

Ingredients extracted straight from nature

Delivery Forms We Offer:


Naturally derived supplement ingredients for heat-stable, taste masked and easy-to-swallow softgels

Reduce pill fatigue with convenient oral dosage forms that eliminate swallowing difficulties while leaving a creamy mouthfeel and pleasant taste

Delicious chewable, vegan supplements that support healthy, on-the-go lifestyles without loads of sugar

‘Clean label’ and non-GMO ready-to-use technology for melt-in-your-mouth alternatives to gummy supplements

Convenient, easy-to-swallow solid oral dosage form for a taste masked, immediate release and cost-efficient solution

Plant-based and sustainably sourced ingredients to create pills that support vegan, vegetarian, kosher and halal lifestyles

Efficient, versatile and shelf-stable solutions for the world’s most popular oral dosage form
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