Algae plants used in plant-based supplement ingredients.

Improved Processing

Innovative solutions for higher-functioning supplements 


About 77% of adults take a daily dietary supplement in the United States alone. In many cases, they take numerous supplements each day. Consumers are more demanding, seeking specific products that perfectly fit into their personal lifestyle and diet requirements. This has led to more diversification and broadening of the supplement portfolio to include vitamins, minerals, probiotics, PUFAS, and herbal extracts. These products often come with bioavailability, stability and taste challenges that the industry must address while maximizing efficiency and productivity. 

Dietary supplement manufacturers hope to meet this consumer demand by formulating dosage forms with multiple nutritional ingredients, creating smaller and more convenient supplement formats that offer the same health benefits as their larger counterparts. However, manufacturers often encounter processing challenges throughout development and production cycles. For traditional tablets, sourcing high-functioning ingredients that seamlessly improve efficacy of formulations and efficiency of production process without jeopardizing nutritional ingredient loads is a recurring issue. And for forms like gummies and soft capsules, stability of the dosage form remains challenging as individual doses often stick together and fail to hold their shape when made with low-melting-point gelatins.

Our technical team is ready to partner with you to solve these challenges.  By optimizing your formulation with highly functional excipients and removing unnecessary fillers, new capacity for nutritional ingredients can be created to reduce dose frequency or a smaller tablet can be produced to make doses easier to swallow. Our team of global experts understands how to customize your dietary supplements to meet consumer needs using high-quality ingredients from our broad portfolio. Whether you’re looking to improve capsule-processing speed, decrease dosage size, increase efficiency or enable soft capsules and gummies to withstand higher temperatures, we collaborate with you to ensure every dose leads to a positive consumer experience.


Product Recommendations*

Our Solution





Plant-based supplement ingredients for creating faster throughput and better yields, while withstanding higher temperatures


Soft capsules

Non-GMO, vegan alternative to gelatin allowing efficient softgel capsules manufacturing 

Avicel®, Endurance®


Robust tablet binder to formulate compressible, nutritional ingredients in dietary supplement formulations

Improves formulation flow and allows easier processing for more robust products, yielding improved quality with low batch-to-batch variation

Avicel® SMCC



Technology that allows efficient processing for powders, and better flow and compactibility for tablets and powder filling of capsules

Avicel® CE-15



Improves sensory attributes, including texture and taste to create a creamier mouthfeel 


Hard Capsules


Water-soluble polymers used as a granulation binder for improved tablet integrity and appearance    

Tailored functionality for efficient hard capsule shell formation

Ac-Di-Sol® and Accelerate®




Non-GMO cellulosics providing fast disintegration and dissolution at low use levels

*Examples only and not representative of a complete list of products. Regional regulations may restrict the use of certain products in dietary supplements. Please contact us for further information.



“Dietary Supplement Use Reaches All Time High.” Dietary Supplement Use Reaches All Time High | Council for Responsible Nutrition, 30 Sept. 2019,

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Additional Solutions:


Enable on-the-go, ‘clean label’ supplements that match consumer’s fast-paced lifestyle and increases adherence

High-quality ingredients, released with absolute accuracy for immediate, sustained & delayed release results

Transform natural functional ingredients into great tasting alternative dosage forms like gummies, ODTS, soft chews and chewables

Clean and sustainable ingredients sourced right from nature to formulate gummies, tablets, soft and hard capsules

Deliver exceptional flavor, texture, chewability and swallowability with high-quality solutions for various delivery formats

Pack in flavor and function, without unnecessary amounts of sugar or preservatives to mask bitter tasting ingredients

Products We Offer:


Formulate exceptional plant-based supplements, sourced from citrus

Water-soluble, plant-based ingredient with diverse functionality
iStock-690028504 Lightened.jpg.png

Versatile plant-based alternative to gelatin

A delayed release coating solution for nutraceuticals

Versatile functional ingredient for dietary supplements

Superior dietary supplement disintegrants

Consumer-friendly tablet binders

Ingredients extracted straight from nature

Delivery Forms We Offer:


Naturally derived supplement ingredients for heat-stable, taste masked and easy-to-swallow softgels

Reduce pill fatigue with convenient oral dosage forms that eliminate swallowing difficulties while leaving a creamy mouthfeel and pleasant taste

Delicious chewable, vegan supplements that support healthy, on-the-go lifestyles without loads of sugar

‘Clean label’ and non-GMO ready-to-use technology for melt-in-your-mouth alternatives to gummy supplements

Convenient, easy-to-swallow solid oral dosage form for a taste masked, immediate release and cost-efficient solution

Plant-based and sustainably sourced ingredients to create pills that support vegan, vegetarian, kosher and halal lifestyles

Efficient, versatile and shelf-stable solutions for the world’s most popular oral dosage form
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